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What’s on top?

Posted by John Ross on August 31, 2007

Attention-grabbing title, isn’t it?  Welcome to this, the first posting on a new blog and my first foray into the wide world of blogging.

‘What’s on top?’ marks the start of the staff meetings where I work and seems like a good place to start this blog too.  The plan is for this to be a careers blog so if you have career concerns go on – answer the question for me.  What’s on top for you in your career – or in your plans for one? Let’s start a conversation.

For the record, I work for Massey University in New Zealand – as a careers consultant.  If you’re really keen you can find out more about me by selecting ‘About’.  I’m not here to sell you anything or to try to persuade you to enrol with Massey.  Nor is this an ‘all about Massey’ blog – though I’ll shamelessly highlight university staff, initiatives and support services that I’ve guessed will interest the wider world.  I’ll also link to other sites and articles that I (and you) think might be useful – all the usual disclaimers will apply of course and linking should not be taken as an endorsement by Massey University or by me. 


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