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John is on the road again…

Posted by John Ross on October 12, 2007

This blog is about Massey University in New Zealand – not least, because that’s where I work.

This post, on the other hand, is to tell you that we’re on tour.  If you’re a Massey student at the moment; if you’re thinking that you might want to become one or if you just want to chat to a (pretty) friendly face – that’ll be me of course – about courses or careers – and can get to where we’re going – come up and see us (sometime; make us smile…and other songs!)

We can help with, say:

  • planning your study
  • exploring career opportunities with your degree
  • assistance with the selection of papers
  • confirmation that you are on track to complete your qualification
  • clarification of degree or major regulations
  • exploration of possible postgraduate study options and
  • obtaining assistance with any other queries you may have.
  • There, that’s the shameless plug over.  Now, take a look at the schedule for Massey On Tour:  


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