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Studying students

Posted by John Ross on December 3, 2007

Chances are you’ll know a student.  Indeed, if you’re reading this you might even be one!  Where does Massey get its students from though?  In 2005, we had over thirty-nine thousand enrolled students of which in excess of nineteen-thousand were studying extramurally – i.e. at a distance. 

Breaking these overall numbers down, almost four thousand were Maori – giving Massey the largest number of Maori students of any NZ university – and over nine thousand were studying at the postgraduate level. Our gender breakdown was 60% female, the rest – surprise, surprise male.  Almost thirty percent were aged 20 – 24 but around a quarter were aged forty or over.  Most of our students were drawn from the North Island but five percent were international students and three percent were New Zealanders (citizens or permanent residents) currently based overseas. Right, that’s quite enough figure work for one blog don’t you agree?

We’re “the country’s pre-eminent supplier of distance (extramural) education”.  Extramural students face unique challenges but more on these – and on how we help them to meet their challenges – in a later blog. If you’re thinking of becoming a student figures such as these could be important.  After all, you might want to study with people similar to yourself – or people from very different backgrounds.  Other things to think about though, are where the university is based; what the campus is like; how big your lecture and seminar groups might be; what support services are on offer; the reputation of the university and its programmes – to name but some. Massey has three main campuses – in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington and offers in excess of a hundred qualifications.    


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