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Distance but not distant

Posted by John Ross on January 8, 2008

When night hath set her silver lamp high, then is the time for study (Philip James Bailey). 

See – can you tell that I loved English at school? Actually, this is a really neat quote for me as I work with our extramural – or distance – students.  These are students who rarely, if at all, come onto campus.  Rather, they study at home or at work. Hence the reference to night being the time for study!

Opting to study at a distance is not chosen lightly, but the rewards can be as great as the challenges. In this blog posting I’ll be looking at the challenges, in the next at ways of coping with them. Challenges and concerns include:

Coping alone – isolation is usually the biggest concern for our distance learners – isolation from tutors and other students.

Confidence – will I be able to cope? Am I ‘bright’ enough?  What if I fail?

Commitment – can I spare the time?  When will I finish?  Will I see it through to the end?Choice – the sheer quantity and range of papers and programmes to choose from can be daunting for many.Co-ordination – how can I balance study with my other commitments of family, friends, work and everything else that fills my day?

Clarity – why am I studying at all?  Why these papers or this programme?  What do I hope to gain from the experience?

See, can you tell that I not only loved English but that I also got stuck at ‘C’ in my book of the alphabet?  


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