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It is a funny thing about life

Posted by John Ross on February 18, 2008

“It is a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it” (W. Somerset Maugham).

Well, I guess I like this quote and I guess that I’m thinking it might tempt you to carry on reading this blog entry!  It’s themed around commitment – can I stay the course in my studies, will I ever see the end of them and what can I do when things get in the way? I also guess that I’ve got to begin by asking “why are you studying, or thinking of it?”

It goes without saying (but, of course, I’ll say it anyway!) commitment can be much, much easier if you’re studying something that you’re passionate about, interested in and doing well in.  Also, if there are goals to your studies and support around you.  There’s a place in this too for planning – are your studies well organised and can you see a clear, logical pathway through them?

If you’re studying at Massey, or thinking of doing so, our Student Liaison Advisers are great people to contact for help with planning your studies, and with navigating a path through them. Neatly, they’re based around the country so you may well find that there’s one in your area who can meet with you face-to-face. Equally, the people noted under ‘contacts’ on the web pages for each of Massey’s colleges can help too, as can our on-line information and enrolment books.

Note too that some of these people go on the road, once a year (around October/November), with me for Staying on Track – road shows designed for current and prospective students distance students who can drop in to explore their next academic and career steps.

Where distance study through Massey appeals to you, it’s well worth taking a look at the ‘planning your study’ section on the extramural pages of our website – and the ‘extramural study information’ and ‘extramural study options’ sections.   For those with assignments to do, ‘hot off the presses’ is our Assignment Timeline Calculator and, for all types of help with your studies, there’s an on-line academic support request form.

In this, and in my previous two or three blog entries, we’ve been looking at some of the challenges that distance students might face. You’ll have seen that we’ve also explored some of the support on hand here at Massey.  This might seem like a shameless plug for what is, after all, the place that pays me.  However, I genuinely think that they’re pretty good and they were one of the reasons I applied to work here.  So – given that – we’ll carry on with the theme of challenges and countering them.   


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