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Back to school – well, university!

Posted by John Ross on January 29, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, the Sunday Star Times carried an article headed ‘Harder Times in Job Market’.  In these tough times, it’s even more imperative for those seeking work to ensure that they’ve the skills; knowledge and experience to become – or to stay – as employable as they can.


Perhaps not surprisingly, tough economic conditions often see a rise in tertiary enrolments.  There is evidence of this happening again, as shown in the recent New Zealand Herald article ‘Graduates keep studying as recession hits jobs’, which notes a rise in applications for postgraduate courses.


Before you embark on study or training it’s good to begin by posing a few questions to yourself.  For example:


  • Why are you considering it in the first place?  Do you know that it’s a requirement for the role that you want?  Is it because of a passion that you have for the subject?  Do you feel that it might enhance your current job or your job prospects – if so, in what ways?


  • What type of study best suits you?  Within this, consider the amount of time you can devote to it; whether or not you want – or need – it to lead to a recognised qualification; whether you prefer to be based on campus or to study at a distance; your preference for assessment by exam or by regular assignments etc.


  • What are your personal circumstances?  Would you have the time and motivation to study?  What support mechanisms do you have in place – are your friends and family encouraging of your interest in study for example?  Would you need to study at a particular institution or in a particular geographical area?  If so, do they offer relevant programmes?


  • What are the financial implications and what support might be available to you?


  • At what level do you want – or need – to study?  Is it an undergraduate degree, a Diploma or a Masters degree for example?  Within this, would be able to claim credits for previous work or study that you’ve done?


Shameless plug now, but Massey University (where I work!) can be a great place to study.  You can find out what we think are the ‘top twenty’ reasons for choosing Massey here and can explore what we offer here.  Our student services are worth taking a look at too.



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