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What do graduates do?

Posted by John Ross on February 2, 2009

One of the most common sentences heard by careers advisers is: ‘I don’t know what I want to do’.  For tertiary graduates the short answer is – almost anything.  Would that life were that simple though!


Your career ‘success’ and happiness is hugely dependent upon your interests, the skills you enjoy using, your values, personal qualities, lifestyle choices and the type of work environment that suits you.  To start looking at these factors you could use the resources found under:



Then, if you’re planning to work in New Zealand, you might want to look at career options that might require – or at least prefer – knowledge of a subject you’ve studied or are thinking of studying.  For help with this, the annual Graduate Destination Survey may be of interest.  This comprises files that are lists of employment destinations for all NZ University Graduates extracted from the 2007 New Zealand Vice Chancellor’s Committee Report on graduate destinations. They are broken down by subject area, then level of degree qualification. Data has been edited to give a guide to the range of possible employment options:



Where these resources generate career ideas that you’d like to explore further, try doing so using the ‘Get job info’ tab on the Career Services Rapuara website:



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