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Selling yourself?

Posted by John Ross on February 3, 2009

In the current economic climate it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more people are exploring the option of self-employment. It’s not – of course – an easy option, nor one that suits everyone.  It requires resilience – knock-backs will come.  It needs self-motivation – you’ll have to set schedules for yourself and win the business from clients.  It’ll take creativity and innovation, and highly-developed problem solving skills as problems, just like knock-backs, will come.

You’ll have to be a great communicator, and have good financial management skills.  It’ll take money, not least for your start-up costs, and it’ll need you to have good support mechanisms in place (your friends and family for example).  Crucially, you’ll also have to have something to offer – a product or service.  You could be running your business full-time, or could be picking up contract work around other commitments.  Indeed, contract work is likely to be more common in times of recession and is – in any case – a growing trend in the ‘careers’ of many individuals.

If you are considering self-employment, and want to look at the option in more depth, the following sites should help:

Business Information Zone

Business Mentors New Zealand

Young Enterprise Trust

Incubators New Zealand

Massey’s e-centre




2 Responses to “Selling yourself?”

  1. Mark said

    I have a sense that too many people try to “sell themselves” but take with them “employee mentality”. It is a totally different game of risk taking and poor profits for a long while. If you cannot tolerate a full financial cycle of financial struggling and even loss then it may well not be for you. Very few “quick income” options exist despite the numerous emails offering such!

    • John Ross said

      Thanks Mark, for your welcome – and astute – observations. You are, of course, correct in noting that self-employment comes at a cost. Those who pursue this option will have start-up costs but are – in addition – likely to take some time to see a financial return in their enterprise. All the more vital then to explore possible sources of financial help, and to ensure that the business concept/idea is well researched and thought through. Also, that those considering self-employment have considered the extent to which their personality, mind and skill-set suit them to this type of work.

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