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Talking dollars and cents

Posted by John Ross on February 4, 2009

For many people, one of the great elements of their work is the people they have around them – colleagues, clients and the like.  I’m no exception.  In my role I have the priviledge of contact with many inspirational people.  As a careers consultant it’s part of my role to keep up-to-date with trends in the workplace; in career development and in the labour market generally.  In this I’m helped enormously by colleagues in Massey, many of whom have extensive knowledge of particular sectors.

Recently, I accessed an article on a new appointment to Massey – that of Claire Matthews, the University’s new Director of Financial Planning.  In this article Claire talks of the need for Financial Advisers to be “on top of their game”  given financial advisory regulations and the most volatile global market conditions in decades.  This, in turn, will see Claire and her colleagues working with students to help them “enhance the skills and knowledge they need to be effective and meet the needs of their clients.”

It has never been more crucial for job seekers to be able to articulate the relevant skills and attributes that they have – and to give evidence of having them.  For those seeking to work as a Financial Adviser the Career Services Rapuara web site outlines these as including:

  • the ability to understand and interpret financial and investment markets
  • knowledge of financial planning, taxation and investments
  • knowledge of asset protection measures
  • understanding of the range of investment products available
  • good literacy skills
  • the ability to research up-to-date market and financial information
  • understanding of the insurance market
  • good communication and listening skills, as they have to relate to a wide range of people
  • planning skills
  • sales ability
  • problem-solving skills
  • service-oriented and trustworthy
  • good communicators so they can advise the clients about personal finance
  • honest and have integrity
  • able to keep information confidential
  • able to use good judgement.

    For more information on the papers and programmes relevant to finance that Massey University offers see:

    For further information on the Financial Adviser profession in New Zealand see:


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