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Ch, ch, ch changes…

Posted by John Ross on February 5, 2009

In yesterdays post, I said that I was a lucky man – lucky because my job brings me into daily contact with inspirational people.  What I didn’t say, but should have, is that this includes the students that I work with.


Many of my ‘clients’ are hugely able and motivated individuals.  This fact will serve them well in their search for fulfilling life roles, and for many has done so already.  In the workforce and society of today – and the future – the skills and qualities most valued will include self-confidence; self-reliance; the ability to cope well with change; interpersonal abilities; planning and organising competence; financial and problem-solving ability…to name but a few.


Universities, and their careers service staff, have a role to play in developing these abilities in tertiary students.  However, just as any life experience can offer opportunities to develop skills so too can the people in one’s life.  Clients often talk to me about the influence (good or bad!) that others have had on their study and career choices – family; friends; teachers; colleagues et al.  What is often overlooked however, are the skills and traits used and developed in our interactions with others.  Openness to this is vital.  It is easy to see career choice and fulfilment as individual but – increasingly – it rests on our ability to access the help of others and to embrace the changes affecting and around us.  Food for thought?        


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