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Are you a Massey University extramural student?

Posted by John Ross on February 11, 2009

When I started this blog – in the dim and distance past – I told you that I’d shamelessly plug my employer, Massey University, from time to time.  Shameless plug is a little strong though, I guess.  What I really mean is that I’ll showcase things that the university is doing – or planning – that emphasise it’s reputation as a great place to work and study.

Ask New Zealanders what’s distinctive about Massey and many will say our extramural (i.e. distance) students.  I’d agree but would argue that we’re also distinguished by the support services that we offer students (well I would, wouldn’t I – I’m one of these services!)  As an example, take a look at the next scheduled round of Extramural Regional Seminars.  These are offered by the team at Student Learning & Development Services, Massey Manawatu campus.  They are free workshops designed to help our existing extramural students to develop and maintain effective writing and study skills. Topics covered include time management, reading and note-taking, the principles of academic writing, and making the most of WebCT, as well as information on using the resources of the library.  No registration is necessary for these workshops but they are open only to existing extramural students at Massey. 

You can find out more, and access the schedule of visits, here.


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