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It’s all in the balance

Posted by John Ross on February 17, 2009

In previous posts – and I’m sure in ones to come(!) – I’ve stressed to readers who are tertiary students the importance of balance.  Not so much being steady on your feet (although that can help!) but maintaining a sense of balance in your life. This can become increasingly difficult as the demands of university study unfold. Tertiary study has its own rhythm and cycle – attending lectures, completing readings, finishing assignments, studying for tests and exams.


It is easy to overlook the basic factors which provide balance in our lives. When one of these factors is ignored or forgotten, we may become out of balance and our bodies let us know this has occurred. We may become unmotivated – stressed – depressed – anxious – exhausted – lose our appetites or over-eat – become run down or sick – feel anti-social – not be able to sleep or sleep too much and be unable to study or work.


We need to remember that we are a complex mix of academic, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional dimensions. Each of these dimensions needs to be acknowledged and nurtured to maintain an adequate equilibrium for effective functioning.


This year, for the first time, we’re trialling a series of workshops on Massey University’s Manawatu campus that can help with this.  These are our ‘Ways of Wellness’ (WOW) workshops and will run on Thursday lunchtimes at 12.00 – 12.50 in the Student Life Seminar Room (Next to SSLB).


WOW workshops are aimed at helping you develop the knowledge and skills so that you feel and perform at your best, manage life’s normal ups and downs, and maximise the quality of your life and your time at university.


They will be facilitated by staff from Student Counselling and Career Services. For an overview of the workshops please register on-line for – and attend – the first of them, namely ‘Balancing and managing life whilst studying’ as this will include a preview of the entire WOW series.  You can do so – and find out more – by going to:


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