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Sector savvy

Posted by John Ross on March 19, 2009

What gives someone the edge when they’re job seeking?  Well, a number of things but – in this post at least – I’ll be stressing the need to be sector-aware.

Potential employers will, of course, be interested in how convincingly you can write – and talk about:

  • Why you want the job – and what you know about it
  • The relevant skills; knowledge and experience that you have
  • Evidence of what you can bring to the role
  • How you can ‘hit the ground running’ and ‘add value’

However, they’ll also be interested in what you know of the sector they’re in; what you’ve done to find out about it and what you feel is its appeal to you.  I’d argue that this sector knowledge can also help you to decide what to do and where to apply – for example, are you concerned about joining a sector that may be in decline?  What are the trends in the sectors that interest you?

All in all, it’s crucial that you keep up with news and developments in sectors you’re interested in. A great way of doing so is through the use of RSS feeds from news sites such as

Then, not to be overlooked are professional organisations.  For an outline of some of these see:


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