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Posted by John Ross on April 9, 2009

It was an article in last Monday’s New Zealand Herald that got me working on this post.  The article, headed ‘Graduates adjust to shrinking job market’ notes a shift in graduate expectations as they seek to enter a recession-hit labour market.  It quotes a colleague from the careers team at the University of Auckland who sees employers having “the upper hand” at the present time.  Whilst he believes that most graduates will still find work their expectations will have to be realistic; their job search may need to be broader than it might have been before and their skills may need to be refined.    

I’m finding that some employers are still looking for new staff but that many others are playing a waiting game.  Not surprisingly, the number of employers offering pay increases has shrunk markedly and some have instigated pay – and/or hours – cuts and a reassessment of benefits offered to staff.  Coupled with this, there is likely to be a trend in older workers delaying their retirement and there can be no doubt that the talent pool that employers can draw from when hiring has widened. 

As has been highlighted in previous posts, those with the best chance of finding work are those with easily transferable, up-to-date skills that are in demand.  This has led to an increase in those taking on – or considering – a return to education or training.


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