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What do you think?

Posted by John Ross on July 21, 2009

Today’s post is a bit of a plea for help with a couple of things that I’m working on.

Firstly, I’ve been taking a look at what other universities offer on their web sites in the way of pre-entry guidance – particularly for those who are considering studying through distance education.  If you are a distance education student, or are considering becoming one, it would be useful to hear your views on issues such as:

  • resources that you’d like to see on a web site to help you choose a course and/or papers
  • the issues that you face, or think you’ll face, as a distance student
  • resources that might help with these issues

Secondly, I’m also looking at the support offered to those studying for a PhD.  In particular:

  • what support has been – or would be – useful for you as a doctoral student?
  • what are some of the obstacles you’ve faced or are worried you’ll face?
  • what might you – and your university – do about these? 

Any views on the above gratefully received!  Thanks.


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